How to Host a Website Free on Dropbox?


Have you ever wonder to host your HTML based website on Dropbox? Today I gonna show you how to host free on Dropbox. Here you don’t need any technical knowledge, just read this blog and host your website free on Dropbox.

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Dropbox is the best cloud sharing tool and have many features, so today I gonna show you one another feature of dropbox where you can host your website free.

Steps to host website on Dropbox are: –

It’s quite easy to host your website in Dropbox. First of all make a HTML based website, if you have already a HTML based website then Upload all HTML, CSS, JS and Image in the public folder of Dropbox. Now your website is hosted absolutely free on Dropbox. It will work only for HTML based website, it will not work if you are going to put your PHP and dot net Based website on dropbox.

Some Important things to Remember are:

1)      Use only for HTML based website.

2)      Don’t delete any files from Dropbox because your website will be live forever here.

3)      Don’t move any file.

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I hope this trick will help you to host your HTML based website absolutely free. If you are still having trouble then please enter your valuable comment and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook 🙂