Facebook Auto Group adder to All Friends Trick 100% working


Hello Friends, I am back with new cool tricks of Facebook. Previously I shared many tricks of Facebook like: – Auto Tag to all Facebook friends, Delete all Messages from Inbox and Facebook Auto liker.

Today, I am sharing a trick to add all Facebook friends in Group automatically. We know Facebook is world famous social networking platform with many different features. Facebook group is one best feature of Facebook where people add their friends and share their thoughts. Some people in Facebook using groups for business or marketing of their product and services, Facebook group is very nice way to share their product and services online.

If you are a Social Media optimizer, online marketing service provider or love to make a large group to share their though worldwide so Facebook group very nice way but here is a problem to add all Friends in Facebook group manually and I know it’s very irritating to all if you have 4000+ friends. Don’t worry I have a script to add all friend in group automatically.

Steps to Add Friend in Facebook Group Automatically

Follow the below steps add your friends in group automatically

1)      First of all login your Facebook account and open Facebook group.

2)      If you are using Google Chrome then Press CTRL + SHIFT + J all keys together and If Firefox then press CTRL + SHIF + K.

3)      Now, click on Console section see below screenshot

4)      Copy the below script and paste it here.

5)      Now, just press Enter. Your all friends will add automatically on your groups. Make sure you are in your group otherwise it will not work

Script Here

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I hope this trick will help and I am sure you will enjoy. If you want to learn more tricks then follow our blog and like us on Facebook. Have a tricky Day 🙂

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  • hahahaxdxd

    now my Account Is Temporarily Locked for Security!!!!!?????
    is this only happening to me?

  • admin
  • Ismail Misterx


  • John Lay

    Working thanks! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Jay DjeightyeightKeyz D

    Is there a way to add all members of a facebook group to your friends list ???

  • Hunter Ali

    it cant add more then 1000


  • Thilak Kumara

    I am a great fan of your website. Your facebook tricks are amazing. Do you know how to add One Friend to all groups I have joined ?

  • inam

    id 500 add hony ky baad action blok ho jati hy

  • Jonathan Jacobsen

    Can you just make it add to ONE group? Or is it every group you’re already a part of. That’s sort of ridiculous otherwise, and definitely overkill.