Google Penguin 3.0 update 2014 after one year


Finally Google Penguin 3.0 updated on October 2014 after one year later Google updated Google Penguin 3.0 this is happen first time when Google update their pets (bots or crawler) over a year. Google Search queries affected from the Friday and many website telling Google penguin 3.0 updates on Saturday (18th October 2014).

This is happened first time when Google updates Penguin after one year later. We know that Google penguin filter the spam website and penalize them from searches and lots of spammers are losing their ranking from the search in Google. Well if you are hit by Google penguin 3.0 then make changed but you have wait until the next updates to see your changes.

If you are hit by Google Penguin 3.0 updates you have to wait until you the next release to check the changes according to what Google wants. Last time Google released on October 2013 and this is October 2014.

Well if you have used disavowing bad links in this month and last 3 week then this is useless according to the Google Penguin updates 3.0. If your ranking dropped from Google searches this happened because of Google penguin 3.0