HTTPS Secure Sites Will Rank Higher in Search Results


Google has informed to all the webmasters in the month of august 2014 about HTTPS secure site will help you to boost ranking in searches. Security is a priority for Google and Google have announced about it clearly in webmaster blog.

Google recommend you to make your website HTTPS secure. If your website is using HTTPS secure then Google will give priority to your website and will rank your website higher in search results.

HTTPS have 3 layers of Security to protect your data- Encrypted, authentication and data integrity and many sites are shifting to HTTPS for increase the security of website and safer data communication over the internet.

If you have already have HTTPS secure then it’s very good because over 1% searches will effect means if you have HTTPS Secure website then your website ranking will increase in searches because Google gives priority to HTTPS secure website.

Google supports the HTTPS Everywhere and also want to all the webmaster use HTTPS security in their website. If you website have using HTTPS then you can test the security level of your website and configure with Qualys Lab tool.

Now we can see Google search ranking and Google giving priority to HTTPS Secured website. According to Google webmaster announcement 1% search engine result will be affect after this updates of Google algorithms.

Buy SSL Certificate

Buy SSL Certificate to secure your website and boost your search engine ranking. To Get HTTPS certificate you need SSL Certificate to make your website HTTPS Secure. After installation of SSL certificate your website change from HTTP to HTTPS and you need to 301 redirect your domain to HTTPS URL.

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