What design and layout of Website should be according to SEO?

A good Design and layout of website gives the first impression and attract your visitor to read your website content and purchase your online services. There are many website have good fancy design and daily internet users comes directly to their website without searching any query on search engine.

Today, all search engines are smart and more active but after all they are just a software not a human being who will read your web content of their interest. Do not ever make your website complicated because if you make your website too complicated then all the search engine would unable to read your website and your website indexing would not be efficient.

The Page content of your website should be at least 300 word or more with good keyword phrase. In your website keyword density should be at least 10%. Write a unique and quality content for your website with good Keyword density. Do not Phrase too many keywords in small content.

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Some Tips from BlogstocĀ for Website designing and layout.

  • Write content for your website least 500 words.
  • Write text content more than HTML elements.
  • Avoid using Frames in your website because frames are the enemies of search engine.
  • Avoid using many ads on a single web page because most of ads using java script which is not good.
  • If you are using java script in your website dropdown menus then include text links on your website.
  • Avoid using unnecessary directories.
  • Avoid using flash, Animated GIFs, splashing etc. in your website.

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