Why Content is the King in the world of SEO?

In the world of SEO “Content is the King”. Here are some reasons why content is the king in the world of SEO. High quality and unique content helps to boost your online SERP in Google and other search engines. All search engine especially Google gives priority to those website have quality and unique content.

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How to write a unique and quality content?

First of all you when you are going to write any article be sure you have good information about it. If you are going writing an article without any information or providing wrong information to the visitors, your website your will be voided by the visitors for next time. Always write your article in simple way. Means use the simple and understandable content in your website. Avoid using complicated English words in your website. Use good and simple English for your website content, well today all search engines especially Google are very smart. They can read and understand your website content and grammar. So, always try to write good English with grammar. Always write relevant content for your website means if you have a travel website then write relevant, unique, quality content for your travel website. Do not use duplicate content in your website otherwise search engine especially Google will penalize you and result your SERP ranking will drop for long time. So, always avoid using duplicate content. Always try to write your own words in your website, you can take help from web but always write in your own word. Avoid writing other content or spun content for your website. Try to write more at least 300 to 500 words to make your content powerful and do not write small content 100 to 200 words. Try to write maximum words in you website, I will help to boost your content in SERP. Write maximum text in your content and avoid to using maximum HTML coded content in your website because all the search engine love text content and many html tags are not support in many search engines. If you will use many html tags in your web content search engine may be confused to index properly your content in search engine.

Why Content is the King?

Content is king as I said before. Well I will say also content is not king if you are Just write a content is not without any relevancy and quality. All the search engines especially Google gives priority to unique and quality content and its help to get index your website instantly in Search engine. Always quality content attracts the lots of visitors to read your content. So, always keep writing quality and informative content. A quality content helps Search Engines to index fast you content and show your website in the top for relevant query searched in Search engine.

Snappy Guru Mantra

Some tips from snappy solution which will help you to write good content.
1)      Always write unique, quality and relevant content.
2)      Avoid to writing copied content.
3)      Try to write minimum 300 to 500 words.
4)      Always write the informative content.
5)      Try to write good English with good grammar.
6)      Write text more than HTML content.
7)      Use SEO to boost your ranking power.

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