How to add Reply button on Facebook profile Timeline 2014 trick


Hello friends I am back with new cool Facebook trick about adding reply button in Facebook timeline. As we know this feature is only in Facebook Fan pages but now you can add this feature in your Facebook profile timeline.

Previously I shared many Facebook trick like Facebook Auto Like, Auto page inviter, Nameless Facebook profile, Nameless Facebook page and much more. You can read here about Facebook auto tools and trick.  Here I am using Google Chrome so I will teach you according to Google Chrome all the steps are same for Firefox users .Below are some steps to add reply button in your Facebook profile timeline.

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Steps to add Reply button in Facebook profile Timeline:

  • First of all Close all Opened Tab in your browser.
  • Open the Link
  • Right click in any place “INSPECT ELEMENTS

Facebook inspect elements for reply button

  • Click on Setting (GEAR WHEEL BUTTON) Down Right Hand side.

Facebook inspect elements for reply button in facebook

  • Click on “OVERRIDES”

chrome geo location settings

  • Check & Enable “OVERRIDE GEOLOCATION”.
  • Copy below number in the box of Geolocation

       Lat =  -41.289996   Lon = 174.781555

Now in New Window Follow Below Steps: 

Now Close setting window then inspect Element Window

  1. Now Click on “CHECK IN”

fb check in

  1. If your browser showing this type of popup allow your Computer to check your Position then click on Allow button
  1. Now, choose any place in “NEW ZEALAND” and click Post.

add location fb

All the steps are complete. Now go back to your and make a post and start reply to commenters on your Facebook profile timeline.

Reply button on Facebook

Watch below video to add Reply button in Facebook profile Timeline

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If the above method not working for you then you can download extension for Google Chrome from here and install it in chrome

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Download Chrome extension : Manual Geolocation

Now in Manual Geolocation extension you have just search New Zealand  See Below screen

manual geolocation Geolocation extenstion

I hope this tutorial will help you to add Reply button in your Facebook profile timeline. For more tips and tricks subscribe our blog and likes us on Facebook. have a fun and tricky Day 🙂