How to Auto Poke Back to your friends in Facebook?


Facebook is one of the best and popular social networking platforms with many different features. Today, I am back with new auto trick which is Facebook Auto Poke back to your friends.

We know Poke on Facebook is used to attention any user of Facebook. Sometime we receive many pokes from Facebook friends and it’s very irritating to poke manually to all. So, I am going to share a trick to poke back automatically to your all friends without wasting any time. Previously I shared many Facebook tricks likes Facebook Autoliker, Facebook Auto Group Add and How to Tag All friends in status and More.

Here we will use an extension or script to poke back automatically. Now, just follow my simple steps and learn this trick easily.

Steps to Auto Poke Back in Facebook

First of all you need Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and install any browser in your computer.

Google Chrome Users follow these steps:

1)      First of all install Poke all extension for chrome: Click Here

2)      I hope you has been installed this script on your Google Chrome. Now, login your Facebook account.

3)      Click on Poke hand Button or and here you can see your all Pokes. Now just Click on Poke buttons.

Facebook Autopoke back

Firefox Users follow these steps:

1)      First of all install addon Greasemonkey on Mozilla Firefox Browser: Click Here

2)      Now, Download and install Facebook Auto Poke from Userscript: Click Here

Install this script and it will automatically add on Greasemonkey. This script work automatically and poke to your friends.

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I hope this cool trick will help you to poke automatically to your friends. If you want to learn more tricks then just follow our blog or Like our Facebook Fan page.

I hope you are enjoying all tricks 🙂 Have a tricky Day 🙂 Keep in touch 😉 to learn more cool Facebook and web tricks. If you want get likes on your Facebook fan page, status and Photo then use this awesome Facebook Autoliker tool