• It’s not working man!! It shows this error ” TypeError: Cannot read property ‘1’ of null “

    • Hello Finny, It’s working Fine.!! open Google chrome browser and press CTRL + SHIFT + J all key together and paste the above code then press enter wait just 5 second and ignore any error like that “ReferenceError: gid is not defined”

  • Not working just like all the rest of the auto tag scripts. I have found one script that works but I can’t post what I want, I am not allowed to tag the post that I want. I am only allowed to post what the creator wants me to tag.

    • Rohith Mathpal

      Yes It Is Not Working I Will Try To Solve It

      • surendra

        hello dear sir, if you have auto tag facebook all 5000 friends in one click kindly send me.
        your faithfully
        regards friend

  • Rohit Mathpal

    Not Working

  • anarul

    Not working

  • Sunjeet K

    Hello i need to tools- Auto Tagging to all friends without spamming and auto fan page liker.
    Is there any one who can help

  • Sohan

    Not working….