How to Change Favicon in Genesis theme wordpress


Changing Favicon in Genesis theme is quite easy and you can change it easily with our below steps. Just read complete blog post and change your custom favicon with wordpress genesis default favicon. We know that favicon gives a unique identity to your blog or website and helps users to bookmark.

If you don’t have your own Favicon then generate a Favicon for your blog and website because Favicon give unique identity and helps users to bookmark your blog and identify your blog with your favicon. Favicon also look good on website or blog and its help to identify a brand.

Before you change the favicon of you Genesis wordpress theme first make a good favicon for your blog or website, if you have already then proceeds to below steps and change your genesis wordpress favicon easily.

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How to change Favicon in Genesis wordpress theme

  • First Login your Cpanel Account
  • Go to public_html->wp-content->themes->Childthemeofyourblog -> Images
  • If ‘Images’ folder is not there then you can create a folder with the name ‘Images’.
  • Upload your Favicon to Images folder.
  • No go to public_html->wp-content->themes->Genesis -> Images.
  • Upload your Favicon on Images folder in Genesis theme also.
  • Now go to your website and Refresh (Press F5) and your website or blog will show your custom favicon.

Change Genesis Favicon

How to Change Genesis Favicon

How to Change Genesis Favicon

How to Change Genesis Favicon

Follow the above steps and change Favicon of your Genesis wordpress themes. Read all the steps carefully and go step by step and change your wordpress Genesis Favicon easily.

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