How to delete or clean all posts from Facebook Timeline?


Hello friends I am back with new cool trick. If you want to delete your all Facebook posts then you should read this post and can delete your all post from your timeline in just one click, cleaning Facebook timeline is a good idea and Facebook like this activity.

If you have lots of Post on your Facebook timeline Facebook may be set a limit for your account then it is very good idea to clean Facebook timeline. It is very annoying and time consuming to delete post from timeline one by one. So, today I gonna show you how to delete all post from timeline in just one click.

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Here we will use an extension to delete all Facebook timeline posts. Remember it won’t be deleting your friend’s tags but it will delete only your post. Follow the below steps and clean your Facebook timeline post.

1)      First of all open your Browser then install the extension.

2)      Install Facebook delete my Timeline Post for Google Chrome Users and Install Facebook Delete my timeline Post form Mozilla Firefox user.

3)      Now go to your Facebook Timeline and click on the extension button on right hand top.

4)      Now it will ask are you sure to proceed then click on OK button.

5)      Now just wait and see the extension will delete your timeline post automatically.

Follow all the steps carefully and be aware do not use this extension if you had post some important things on your timeline otherwise your post will be wiped out. I hope this tutorial will help to clean your Facebook timeline faster than other tools.

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