How to delete files without sending to Recycle Bin?


Deleting file without sending to recycle bin is quite easy just follow our steps and learn this trick on your computer. If you are working on computer with lots of files and folders and want to delete permanently some unnecessary files or folder without sending theme to recycle bin.

Generally we delete any files & folder and our computer send it to recycle bin and then we have to go to recycle bin to delete it permanently but you can delete any files and folders after follower our below steps.

If you want to delete any files and folder from your computer without sending to recycle bin then you can follow below steps and there are some methods to delete files and folder direct permanently without sending it to Recycle Bin.

Follow below Methods to Delete Files or Folder permanently without sending to recycle bin:

Method 1st:

  • Right click on recycle bin.
  • Click on property
  • Now choose second option “Don’t move files to Recycle Bin. Remove Files Immediately when deleted.”
  • Click on Apply then OK.
  • Done

recycle bin

delete direct without sending to recycle bin

This process is quite lengthy but if you want to delete any file and folder instantly then follow below steps and delete any file or folder instantly permanently.

Method 2nd:

  • Select the file or folder which one you want to delete.
  • Press SHIFT + Delete button.
  • Press OK
  • Done

shift & delete

Follow any one method from above to method and delete any file and folder permanently without sending them to Recycle Bin. The above method will help you to save your time and you can work better on your computer without cleaning Recycle bin after deleting any files and folder.