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Hello Friend, have you ever wondered to get Facebook likes automatically on your Face status, Facebook Fan Page and Photo. Well today I am going to share about this. Yes, you are reading right here. Today I will share some cool Facebook Autoliker Website to get Free automatic Facebook Likes on your facebook status, photo and fanpage.

Myliker.com is one of the best Facebook autoliker in 2013, it’s give instant autolike on your status, photo and fanpage. How to use myliker.com the instruction are below

Follow few step to get Auto likes on your Facebook:

First of all you need to Login on your Facebook Account, so first Go to your Facebook and login your account then follow the below steps.
1) Go to Facebook Privacy setting and Make it public
2) Go to Myliker.com
3) Get Access Token. How to get access token read below about it.
4) Copy and paste access Token Then Click Submit
5) Now enter your Status ID or Photo ID or Fanpage ID.

Watch Video How to Use MyLiker.com for Autoliker

How to Get Access Token?

First of Go to Myliker.com then Click on Click Here Option for Access Token then Allow the Skype and other apps then you will get Skype not found page so, this is the page of your access token. Now, check the URL it will look like this:


Copy the access token which is I have shown in blue color in this above URL then paste it in myliker.com and get access to Facebook auto liker.
You can see this Print screen how to get access token

Note: Do not share your access token to other because access token is your Facebook account password.

How To Get Face Status ID, Photo ID and fan page ID?

For Facebook Fanpage ID you have to go to Facebook Graph, how you can go here? Follow me

1) Go to http://www.myliker.com/fbidfinder.php
2) Enter your Facebook Fanpage URL
3) Now Click on submit.
4) Now Find ID of your page, you can see your Fan page ID before name of Fan page on Facebook graph.

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