How to hide Last seen option from whatsapp


Want to remove seen option from Whatsapp? Well here we will teach you how to remove seen option from Whatsapp. Whatsapp is very good application to send messages and media but sometime we don’t want to reply on whatsapp but want to read the messages on whatsapp.

Today everyone is using whatsapp on their smartphone for messaging to friends. If you don’t have whatsapp then you can download whatsapp from this link for your Phone.

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Hide whatsapp Last Seen Time on iPhone

Hiding whatsapp last seen time from iphone is quite easy then android phone. Whatsapp for iphone have feature which allow you to hide last seen easily without installing  any application just use device setting. Follow below steps

  1. First Open Whatsapp.
  2. Go to Settings >> Advanced.
  3. Now Turn off “Last Seen Timestamp

Hide Whatsapp Last Seen Time on Android via Apps

If you are looking to hide Whatsapp last seen time on android then here we will use the application. After configuration of this app, it will start automatically. When you will open whatsapp, Not Seen App will automatically disable your WIFI or data connection and when you will close whatapp then it will start automatically your WIFI or Data Connection.

Steps to hide Last Seen time on Android device:

1)      Download & install WhatsApp Hide LastSeen

2)      Start this application then use whatsapp.

3)      Now, Nobody can’t see “Seen Time Option” on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp No Seen Hide Whatsapp Not Seen Hide

Hide Whatsapp Last Seen Time Manually

If you don’t want to install any more application in your android device then you can hide last seen time manually on your whatsapp. Follow below steps to hide manually

1)      First open your data connection or WIFI

2)      Then your whatsapp will automatically load all messages. If your whatsapp background data restricted then first please remove it.

3)      Now close your internet Data Connection

4)      Now open whatsapp and read all messages

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I hope this tutorial will help you to hide Whatsapp last seen time on your phone. For more tips and tricks subscribe our blog and like our Facebook fan page. Have a tricky and nice day 🙂