How to Hide All Opened Tab with One Click on Google Chrome


Hiding all opened tab in Google Chrome is very nice option when you don’t want to show anyone what you are doing on your computer. I know no one want to use Facebook in front of their family or relative so what will you do when suddenly your family member come at your PC meantime you are chatting on Facebook with friends. That time you have only two option one option is that you will close your Facebook or you will close your Browser.

How is it if you can hide your all opened tab with a single click on your Google Chrome without closing any tabs? I know it’s very cool idea to hiding Google Chrome tab in just single click. So here we will use Google Chrome extension which will help you to hide all opened tab with one click. Just below steps and learn how to do it easily.

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Steps to Hide all Opened Tab with one click on Google Chrome

1)      First of all download extension PanicButton for your Google Chrome.

2)      Now you can see the button like below image on your chrome extension bar.


3)      If you want to hide all tab in Google Chrome then just click on the Button.

4)      If you want to get back all hidden tabs then click again on button and get back all hidden tabs.

How to Remove PanicButton from Google Chrome

1)      First Go to Google Chrome Extension Setting

2)      Now Search for PanicButton extension

3)      Now Click on Delete Button & done.

PanicButton is very nice Google chrome extension to hide all tabs in just one click and get back all hidden tabs by clicking again. I am sharing this trick to you because I am using this extension on my Google Chrome.

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