How to Do Off Page SEO Tutorial Part II

Hello learner, in previous article I touched you about Some off Page SEO Activities. Now, in this article I will teach you about some Off Site SEO activities.

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Here below are some other Off Site SEO Activity Keep Reading to learn complete SEO.

Free Classifieds

Type free classifieds in Google



Activate from email id


Click on post free classifieds and submit your add and save that link in excel sheet where your add is showing.

You can give your classified ads country wise also for that you need to add country name in the end like:

Free classifieds India

free classifieds UK etc.

Classifieds are used for advertisement purpose like, if we want to sell our house, sell a car, or a piece of land then we give advertisement in newspapers, these advertisements are given on the net also and free of cost.

Time period for any classifieds on the site is maximum 3 months and minimum 1 month. After that the site will delete your advertisement and if you want you can re submit your advertisement again in that site.

In classifieds you can make hyperlinks and also add you sites URL also, this helps in promoting your site and rising the ranking of your site in search engines.

In SEO these classifieds are used by the companies in advertising there business like some institute or any other business.


Type free forums in Google

You can get forums category wise type free forums health or travel or sports etc.

Open any site.

Sign up

Activate Your a/c from email


Create your forum address don’t forget to save your forum addresses in excel sheet.

You can search forum sites according to the category also, for that you need to type free forums travel or free forums sports etc.

Forums are meant for discussion purpose and increasing the knowledge of the people and also for promoting your site through signature linking. Some forums have a condition that you have to ask 15-20 questions first and answer 15-20 only then you can add your signature linking in that site.

Forums are used for asking questions on the net to the people. But we will not get answer to that question instantly.

We do signature linking using BBC code in our profile to add our site. That signature linking will automatically come under all the questions you ask in your forum.

Answer will come after some hours or may be after some days also.

Links are created through signature linking by adding BBC code in your profile section.

BBC (bulletin board code) (This code is added in our profile’s signature box.)

[URL=]auto liker[/URL]

[URL=]facebook auto liker[/URL]

Read this:        

Press Releases

Type in Google free press release

1.         Open any press release site

2.         REGISTER

3.         activate your account from email

4.         login

5. Now you can submit your press release

6. Save your press release approval link in the excel sheet.

Press releases is a official information declared by the company. It is written just like article by the content writer.

Press releases are a official document just like we see in the newspapers, like any staff of company changes then company informs people through newspapers by giving a press release in newspaper, same thing we do on internet.

Any company launches a new product it gives its press release in newspaper explaining its features, that are called press releases.

Press releases are very few in a month, these press releases comes only when there is a change in company infrastructure.

Through press releases we can promote our site also by making hyper links of our keywords in press release.

Video Optimization

With video optimization we can show to users online our business through videos, here no site promotion is done and only videos are used. We show our business to people by creating our business video.

For this you can shoot your business video through handy cam, some mobile like that and can upload that video on different sites for people to view, and with this you can reach to more and more people because more people watch videos so you have more scope for your business. So after creating a good and interesting video you can upload it on many sites so that more and more people can watch your business and can contact you also for some business dealings.

Type in Google free video sites and click on video option to get all video sites

Open any site


Activate from email id


Click on upload link

And upload your video and you will get a link where your video is showing but some sites takes time like 24 hours or some hours to approve your video.

In the last step don’t forget to save your approval link for future reference or to show it to the client in excel sheet.

Link Building

Link Building is the process of creating inbound links to ones own website. This can be done by reciprocal links, being listed in e-zines, newsletters, directories, search engines, etc. Link building is one of the best ways to make your site popular. There are few types of linking one of which is reciprocal links.

Reciprocal links or link exchanges is the process where two webmasters agree to show the other’s link on their website. After link building when the number of sites which link to a particular site is known as link popularity which helps in the search engine ranking of a website.

There are many advantages of link building.

1. Link building helps in getting quality traffic from relevant sites which increases sales.
2. Also when there will be high quality incoming links the site will also be seen as a valuable resource.
3. Link building helps in creating awareness, visibility and credibility of your site.
4. The site also obtains wider search engine exposure.
5. It also helps the website get indexed by search engines.

Link building is done in three ways:

1. One way (only submitting your site)

2. Two way (link exchange)

3. Three way (link exchange but three sites are involved)

It is also free, paid, and reciprocal.

1. One way linking called inbound links. (Here only one site which we are submitting to other sites)

(Inbound links means we are showing our link on others site and when any one clicks on that link it becomes inbound link for us because traffic is coming to us, so all our links on other sites are always inbound for us.)

2. Two way linking inbound and outbound both. (Here two sites are involved which are exchanging links)

In two way linking which is also called reciprocal linking there are both inbound and outbound links. Like we have exchanged link with other site so when other site is showing our link it will be inbound for us and outbound for that site, because traffic is going out from his site and in the same manner when we are showing that sites link on our site that will be inbound for that site and outbound for our site.

3. Three way linking also inbound and outbound but from third site. (Here 3 sites are involved which are exchanging links.)

In three way linking also there are inbound and out bound links but differently. Like we have a site whose link building is to be done but that site does not have that link exchange form in it so it becomes difficult to do two way linking in that site, then we have to take our companies another site which is having that form and we give reciprocal from that site to the site with whom we want to exchange links. In this way 3 sites gets involved so that is why it is called 3 way linking and also inbound and out bound linking but from third site.

 How to search sites for link building:

Add url computer

Add link properties

Submit link real estate

Submit site real estate

Add site real estate

For link building you need same 4 details of site:





One way link building

Here you will submit title, URL, description and keywords of the site and at the end save that category page of the site in which you have posted your link for future checking, because links don’t get approved instantly.

Two way Linking

Here you will exchange links with other site and add their details in your site first and approve their link first by showing it on your site and copy that URL of your site on which their link is showing and paste it on their sites reciprocal box. After that you fill out the remaining form with your site title, URL, and description and keywords and submit it and wait for their approval. Don’t forget to save their sites category page where your link will appear after approval.

Three way Linking

Here you will also exchange links but it will be between three sites. First one will be your site whose links you want to create second will be the site you contacted for exchanging links and third will be from which you will give back link to that site because your site may not be having that link exchange form.  That third site is also your site from where you give back links to other sites. So you will add their link first in your third site and provide them that URL in their reciprocal box and then you will add your first sites details in that site and submit it. And also save that sites category page for further checking for approval.


How to promote home page

Read this for promoting your home page

Reading this link you will get know how we should design our home page so that it can be promoted easily. Using too much flash is not considered good in seo and google, because these sites become heavy and takes time in opening.

Promoting Subsequent pages of the website

Subsequent pages are the internal pages of the site like you have in your site. When you start promoting your sites internal or subsequent pages then those subsequent pages will start showing separately on the site search results like you can see the site, this site has promoted its important pages that is why its internal pages are showing separately.

Black Hat / White Hat / Grey Hat Seo

Seo (webmaster) persons are of 3 types

Black hat seo

White hat seo

Grey hat seo


Black hat is a person who uses wrong ways to promote his site. Following are the wrong ways:

1.   Cloaking: In cloaking the black hat SEO will add a page in his site similar to the other page that already exist in the site and will do keyword stuffing on that page. Keyword stuffing means filling the page only with keywords and no content or images are present on that page and he hides that page from normal users but when search engine comes for crawling or checking the site it will show that keyword stuffed page because keywords help in increasing the ranking of the site and whenever search engine comes for crawling the site that page will page will come in checking and in this way page rank of that goes on increasing and when the page rank increases the black hat SEO removes the keyword stuffing and places normal content on that page and starts taking adds from clients to earn money but this is a wrong way of promoting your site page and when Google comes to know about all this your site may get banned.

2.   Doorway Pages: Doorway pages means redirecting to other sites, like you are opening a site but other site gets opened in place of the site which you wanted to open because black hat SEO has redirected that site to some other site, in this way he is promoting his two URLs by making users to click on the URL showing but redirecting them to some other site.

3.   Paid Links: Do not take excessive paid links Google do not consider it good to take excessive paid links. When you take a paid link you get 1 year placement in that site or may be permanent in this way to you are not allowing free links to appear in the site and if every one will start taking paid links then there will be no space left for free links so take only limited paid links.

4.   Duplicate Content: Copying content from others website also falls under black hat seo. You can yourself check whether your sites content is copied or not. From you can add url of site and you can see whether that sites content is taken from other site or not.

Type in Google black hat techniques, you can read more stuff from there.

 Type Matt Cutts in google to read more material

 Read this:

2. White Hat seo

White hat SEO is a right person, he will never attempt wrong ways like copying content from other sites etc. White hat SEO is a right person he never goes for wrong techniques for promoting sites. He works according to the rules regulations set by Google.

Type in Google white hat techniques to read more material.

Read this:

3. Grey Hat Seo

Grey hat SEO is a mix of both white hat and black hat – he can attempt both wrong and right ways.

 Read this:


Type in google grey hat techniques to read more material

QnA (Questions and Answers)

Through Q&A you can ask questions to the people on the net and interact with them. You can ask questions on any topic. But site promotion can be done only by adding your site link with your question in Q&A.

Main purpose of Q&A is to increase knowledge of the person and make him aware of daily happenings. You can add your site name with your question if you want, in this way you can make people aware of your site address.

Type Q&A in Google and you will get all sites related to question and answers.

 1.         register

2.         Activate your a/c in email id

3.         login

Now you can ask questions to people but you will not get answers instantly it may take few hours or 1-2 days. You can save these QnA sites in excel sheet for further checking your questions and answers.

I hope this Tutorial will Help you to increase your SEO Knowledge and earn online money at home. Learn What is SEO ? Also just click the link.

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