How to do Off Site SEO Tutorial Free Online Part I

Hello learner, Today i will teach you about Off-Site SEO. Learn how to do Off Site SEO with  some simple Steps. After reading this tutorial you will able to do Off Page SEO (Link Building).Off Page Optimization(Off Site SEO) is the process of building backlinks and increasing Website ranking in searches. Off Page optimization help you to increase your SERP. Below are some way of Off Site SEO.


Submission to search engines

Submission to search engines means submitting your site directly in the search engines databases for

crawling. Whenever search engine will crawl its database sites like after 15-20 days, it will see your site also and in this way you can see your site in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). We can add our site in all popular search engines.

Type in Google

Add URL Google (for adding your site in Google) and click on first link and fill the form.

Add URL Bing (for adding your site in Bing) and click on first link and fill the form.

Like this you can submit your site to all search engines just by changing search engine name at the end.

(URL: Uniform Resource Locator)

Social Bookmarking

Type in google: (To get bookmarking sites)

free social bookmarking

free social bookmarking list

1.         Open any social bookmarking site

2.         REGISTER

3.         activate your account from email

4.         login

5.         click on submit a new story or some sites use submit a site

6.         add your all the pages of your site but keep a gap of 1-2 hours gap after submitting first page.

7.         If any problem occurs in form you can go in your profile and leave your site there.

8.         In the last you have to save the page of category after clicking discuss or read more or comment.

In social bookmarking you can submit all the pages of your site and it will not show duplicate, but this is not possible in directory submission as you can submit your home page only in directories.

Social bookmarking sites approves your link instantly.

Social bookmarking is a strong way of promoting your site and getting good ranking in search engines because you can bookmark all your pages and in this way you can promote every single page.

In bookmarking you will add your title, url, description and keywords.

Type in Google benefits of Social Bookmarking and you can read more.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is done to promote your business in your local area, like targeting your local area customers.

Type in Google “Google lbc (Local business Center)”.

Click on

Log in with your gmail id

Click on list your business and add your business details by filling the form. And submit it. You will get phone call, or SMS or post card options select one and click on finish.

You will get 5 digit verification code which you need to enter in your listing and click on go then your listing will be verified and can be seen in search results.

Now open Google in new tab and click on maps and search for your listing with the name you made your listing. Now your local listing is working.

Steps for promoting Local listing:

Write articles about that business and add your listing’s reviews page URL under your every articles so that users can open that link and see your listing.

Write press releases about that business and add your listing’s reviews page url under your every press release so that users can open that link and see your listing.

Give reviews yourself from different email id’s.

Directory Submission

Type in google free directory sites

Types of directories:

1.         Free (One Way linking)

2.         Paid (one year time period or more)

3.         Reciprocal (Two way linking) (link exchange)

We have to submit each others links in the directory web site.





Steps of directory submission:

1.         Register on the site.

2.         Open your email ID and click on activation link.

3.         Now you can log in on the site.

4.         Click on the submit link form.

5.         Check on the option Free, paid, reciprocal.

6.         Fill your site details there.

7.         Submit the form.

8.         Now you need to go to the category page and save that page for future consideration, means to check that whether the site has approved your link or not.

Read this:

Blog Submission

Type free blog sites in Google for getting sites related to blogs.

1.         register

2.         login

3.         You will create your blog after that and then you can start posting your views in your blog.

4.         You will get your blog address and your blog will open from that blog address only.

5.         If you want your blog to come in search engine pages you will have to make your blog popular by submissions like Submission to Search Engines, social bookmarking, blog directories submissions etc.

You can create your blog and after that you can post your views daily in blogs And people will read those views of yours. In this way you can present your views to the people on any topic daily.

In blogs you can post your views daily and people will read those views daily by going in your blog.

Through blogs you can promote your site also by making hyperlinks in your written content and you can make links to internal pages of the site also.

You have to promote your blog to bring it in search results, through Submission to Search Engines, social bookmarking, blog directories submissions etc.

Blog Comments

Blog comments means commenting on other people blogs and giving feed back to them. Through this we can promote our site also by adding our link with the comments.

For this you need to register, login and then you can give comments on other peoples blogs.

For this you can find blogs by typing real estate blogs etc and you will get comment box under every blog article and you can comment through that comment box and leave your site link with that comment in this way you can promote your site.

 Use this tag to make links with comments

<a href=””>tips & tricks</a>

OR just add site url like with the comments.

Read this:

Article Submission

Type free article sites in Google


Open site


Activate from email id


Now you can post your article on that site.

In the last step don’t forget to save that category page of the site where you have posted your article for checking approval of the article.(Use excel sheet for saving pages)

You can also get article sites from site.

You need to have an article written in English which will be posted on different sites.

But article writing in not the job of SEO person, it is the job of CONTENT WRITER in the company to write articles daily.

A CONTENT WRITER writes 3-4 articles in a day which are posted on different sites.

SEO Person (called Webmaster) posts these articles on different sites so that people can read these articles.

Article should be more than 500 words.

Keywords should be included in the article during writing the article.

Keywords should be hyperlinked with the internal pages of the site.

A single article posted creates a new page in the site, so article posting also helps