How to Fix “USB Device Not Recognized” error in Window?

How to Fix “USB Device Not Recognized” error in Window

Oh no my USB device or computer have some problem whenever I am trying to connect my USB device with my computer it’s show “USB Device not Recognized” error and this error annoying. Well if you are also facing problem like that then read this post completely and solves this problem easily.

Sometime we fix this problem by changing USB port and restarting computer but sometime it’s don’t work and irritating when you are not able to fix this error by changing USB port but you can do it easily by below steps.

Follow below steps one by one and troubleshoot your USB Device error. Read carefully all the steps.

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How to Fix USB Device Not recognized” error (Troubleshooting USB Device Error)

Method 1st: Unplug Power Cable

  • Shut down your computer or laptop.
  • Unplug the power cable of your computer and remove battery of Laptop.
  • Wait at least 5 minutes & connect the Power cable of Computer and laptop battery.
  • Start your Computer or laptop.

You problem may be fix by above steps but if the above steps not working for you then follow below steps.

Method 2nd: Use Diagnose & Solve USB problems with Windows Troubleshooter.

  • First go to control panel of your computer or laptop.
  • Search for Troubleshooting and Open Troubleshooting .
  • Now click on Configure a Device under Hardware and Sound section.
  • Complete the Troubleshooting and apply all fixes prompted then Check the error.

You problem may be fix in the above steps but if still the error not solved then follow below steps carefully.

Method 3rd: Uninstalling Unknown USB Devices

  • First Open RUN command use shortcut (Window Key + R).
  • Type msc then click on Ok button or press enter.
  • Device Manager will open on your screen.
  • Now Scroll down and Double Click on Universal Serial Bus controllers to expend it.
  • Now connect your USB Device on the port of your computer or laptop.
  • You will see here “Unknown USB device (Port reset failed)” with Yellow Mark.
  • We have to uninstall the Yellow mark Unknown USB device. So, right click on it and click on Uninstall option.
  • Restart your Computer and Re-install the USB drivers.
  • All done

Well most of USB error solves in the above steps but if still your computer showing the error then first removes all the drive under Universal Serial Bus controllers then reinstall all drives again. You can follow below steps to fix it if error still showing on computer.

Method 4th: Change USB Power Management Setting

  • First unplug your USB Drive from computer.
  • Open Device Manager by following above method (3rd method).
  • Expend Universal Serial Bus controllers by double click on Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  • Under Universal Serial Bus controllers Double click on USB Root Hub.
  • Now go to Power management
  • Deselect (Uncheck) Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
  • Press Ok button.
  • You have to do this on all USB Root Hub under Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  • Now you have to unplug your USB Device again then plug again and check the error is solved or not.

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Well the above method is worked for me and my friends. I did this many times to solve the USB Device not Recognized error in computer. I hope the above method will help you to solve the USB Device not Recognized error.