How to SEO: Write SEO Relevant File Name?


Hello friends today, I gonna teach you about SEO relevant File name (SEO Relevant URL) which will very helpful for you to increase your search engine ranking. It’s very nice if you will make SEO relevant file name for your website. It is one of best way to improve your SEO and SERP ranking in relevant Search query.

Most of the search Engine like if your website file have relevant File name Like Google. After my lots of research I found Google gives importance your website file names. So, I suggest you to make the relevant file name and think before creating a file for your website.

Whenever you will search any keywords in Google you will find some websites file name highlighted with the keyword. So, it’s very nice if you create relevant file name for your website.

If you are thinking to make SEO friendly or relevant URL for your website so that’s a good idea for your website to get top ranking and website page rank.

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How to Create SEO Relevant File name (SEO relevant URL)

Here below are some tips to create SEO Relevant Filename for your website.

  • Try to write short and descriptive file name. It’s very good if you use keywords or page title in File name.
  • If you are proving moving services then try to write the file name for html based website as “moving-services.html”. Don’t use file name as “service.html”.
  • Don’t write long File name, try to use 3 to 4 words in file name. Always use hyphens to separate the words.

Example of SEO Relevant File Name

Below are some examples of SEO Relevant File name.




Remember : Always use hyphens to separate the file name, don’t use underscores. Google and other major search engine will read your file as:

“Your-file-name” as “your file name” (which is very good)

But if you will use hyphens Google will read as

“your_file_name” as “yourfilename” (Which is not good)

Crazy tips:

Below are some crazy and best tips to create SEO relevant filename:

  • Use short, simple and relevant to the website page content.
  • Try to use 3 to 4 keywords in your file name. It’s very nice to use keywords in filename.
  • Use Hyphens to separate the filename and avoid using underscore.
  • Try to make short and simple sub directories.


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