How to Index website content page or post Faster on Google in 2 second?


Finally I am going to share how you can index your website post and page content in Google quickly within 2 seconds. This is very good trick to beat your competition easily especially for bloggers when they found any breaking news.

We know that Google crawls billions of websites regularly. The process crawling is slow for general websites but it extremely faster for most popular websites who post lots of unique and quality content on regular basis.

But how will you tell Google crawler to index your recent blog post and page quickly in just 2 seconds and how will you tell Google about your blog post needs immediately crawling and indexing? Well we have a trick which will index you website content quickly.

Google has introduced about a better and fast way to index your website recently pages and post. You can easily index your website pages and post if you have a Google Webmaster Tools account. If you don’t have Google Webmaster Tools then create now and add your website on Google webmaster and upload Google webmaster verification code on your website.

If you wants Google crawl your website immediate then go to Google Webmaster Tools and use fetch as Google tool and Google crawl your website quickly within 2 seconds. Read below how to use fetch as Google tool.

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How to Use Fetch as Google Webmaster tools?

First of all login your Google webmaster tools and select the site you want to index quickly on Google. Follow below steps:

1)      First click on Crawl.

2)      Now click on Fetch as Google.

3)      Enter the URL of your website page or post and click on Fetch button

4)      Now wait few second and when fetch status shows Success then click on Submit to index button.

5)      Now a pop will appear on your screen and you will see to option here just choose Crawl on this URL and click on Go button.

6)      Finally you can see the message URL submitted to index. See below screenshot

Index Website Faster on Google 1   Index Website Faster on Google 4 (2)

Index Website Faster on Google 2

Index Website Faster on Google

Index Website Faster on Google 4 (1)

Now go to Google and enter the URL of your website and you can see here you website page or post with time. Generally it takes 2 to 4 seconds to index. For better performance to index your website post or page use pinging service to ping Google follow below steps:

1)      Go to

2)      Enter you website Name and URL of your page or post which one you want to index quickly.

3)      Select all the services and click on send Ping Button.

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Follow the above steps and index your website quickly on Google and beat the competition easily. This tool is very useful especially for blogger and SEO experts. If you are a blogger then you can use this tool to index your post in Google instantly within 2 to 3 seconds for more SEO Tips and tricks follow and like us on Facebook and our blog. Don’t be selfish please share this post.