How to make Laptop WIFI Hotspot like Mobile?


Making laptop WIFI hotspot is very good Idea if you want to share you internet connection to your friends mobile and laptop. Today I going to share the trick to make laptop WIFI hotspot, it’s quite easy and no need any technical knowledge because we will use software.

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Why I am sharing this trick?

Well, first of all the trick will help you to make laptop WIFI hotspot and there is also a story behind this trick. Yesterday I was with my friend and he want to use internet on their mobile but don’t have much internet data on mobile but have data in his dongle. I said him open laptop and make Laptop WIFI hotspot and use internet on their mobile with WIFI.

Steps to Make Laptop WIFI Hotspot:

Follow below steps and make your laptop WIFI hotspot in some simple steps

1)      First of all download VirtualRouterInstaller.msi.

2)      Install the software carefully in your laptop.

3)      Now setup the Name and password for your WIFI hotspot.

4)      Now, it’s read to use. Connect any PC or mobile and enter password then start browsing.


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The above method is very simple and anyone can use this software for WIFI Hotspot. Now you can easily make your laptop WIFI hotspot. Please be sure to download this software from trusted website and have a good antivirus because these types of software contain virus.

I used this software from above link and you can Google also for this software and please be sure you have a good antivirus. I will not responsible for any kind of problems on your computer.

Finally I want to say this software is awesome you should also use this software on your laptop and connect more laptop with WIFI hotspot. I hope this tricks will help you to make WIFI Hotspot Laptop.