How to Play YouTube Video on VLC Media Player?


Do you know how to play any YouTube video on your VLC player? As we know VLC media player best and famous player. Its support all kind of video formats and very easy to use and we can play any YouTube videos and here you no need any flash player.

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Play youtube in VLC

How to Play YouTube in VLC Media player

Just follow my simple steps to play YouTube video in VLC media player. The steps to play YouTube videos in VLC media player are:

1)      First of all open VLC Media player in your computer

2)      Click on Media in Menu >> Now click on Open(Advanced) or press CTRL + Shift + O

3)      Click Network Tab and paste YouTube video URL

4)      Now, just click on Play button. Your video will be play on your VLC media player

YouTube VLC Player

Why you should play YouTube video in VLC player?

First of all I want to say it’s very cool to watch YouTube Videos in VLC media player. Here below are some reasons to watch YouTube video in VLC Media player.

1)      No need any Flash player: if you don’t have flash player then you can’t watch Videos on YouTube but you can play Video on VLC Media Player.

2)      Take screenshot: you can take snapshot of any part of video by using option to capture screenshot.

3)      Watch video in Loop:  you can watch any YouTube video in loop. Just click on Loop option in VLC Media Player.

4)      Control video speed:  You can control video running speed. Here you can watch videos in slow and fast speed.

5)      No ads:  Here you can watch YouTube videos without any Google ads.

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I hope this tutorial will help you to play YouTube videos in VLC media player. If you want to learn more tricks then you can follow our blog or like us on Facebook.

Have a trick day. Enjoy 🙂 will be back with cool Tech Tricks keep in touch. 🙂