How to Record GIF Image or Make recorded GIF Image?


Are you looking for the GIF recorder or want to make a GIF image for a demo of anything? Well today I am going to share the easiest way to make a GIF image and how can you record a GIF image. Today making GIF image is quite easy because of lots of online free GIF make tools but it’s not also a good and easy way to make a GIF image for demo.

If you want to record thing for demo and want to save as a GIF image and you don’t know how to make or record GIF image then you are at the right place. Whenever you will search on Google for online GIF make or creator then you can get lots of results but you don’t know which one is the best or how to use it but don’t worry I am not going their because here we will use a GIF reorder software.

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GIF recorder software is very nice software to record anything then you can make GIF image easily. Here you don’t need any technical knowledge just download this software and create or record anything which you want to record. Follow below steps and make or record a GIF Image.

Steps to Make or Record GIF Image

Follow below steps carefully and make or record GIF image:

1)      First Download GIF Recorder Software.

2)      Install GIF recorder carefully on your Computer.

3)      After installation of GIF recorder open it.

4)      Now GIF recorder screen will appear on your screen.

5)      Adjust GIF recording screen according to you how much area you want to record. You can stretch and shrink them.

6)      If you are ready to record then click on Play button (Green button).

7)      If you want to pause your recoding then click on Pause button.

8)      If you want to finish stop your recording then click on stop button (Red button) and a screen will open to save your recoding then save it where you wants.

9)      Yahoo!! You made your own recorded GIF Image.

10)   You can edit your GIF image buy this tool. Just right click on your recorded GIF image and open with Animated GIF Editor.

The Top advantages of this GIF Recorder Software

Here below are some top and best advantages of this GIF recorder software are:

1)      It’s available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Window 8.

2)      You can adjust you recording screen easily.

3)      You can edit your recorded GIF image here.

4)      Download size is 1.476 kb only.

5)      Free and safe software.

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This tool very awesome to record a small demo, I am using this tool to record a small demo of anything. I hope you will use this tool to record or make a GIF image. Download this software free and start making your own GIF image.

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