How to Remove Delta Search in Your Browser Google chrome or Firefox?


Delta search is one of the top search engines and install automatically in your browser. Some people think its web spam but it’s not a web spam. Do you know why Delta search engine automatically install in your browser Mozilla or Google chrome.

Well the normal users never able to find easily the reason from where it comes but don’t worry I will explain here. Sometime we download any software and game in our computer and install it at faster speed by click next and next but between installations process they ask to install Delta toolbar and we ignore and don’t see the option that’s why Delta Search Engine install automatically in your browser.

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How to Remove Delta Search Engine from Browser?

Follow the Below Steps and Remove Delta Search Engine from your browser:

1)      First of all uninstall Delta toolbar from your computer. To uninstall Delta toolbar from your computer follow the below steps:

  • Click on Start Menu >> then Go to Control Panel.
  • Now, Click on Program (uninstall a Program).
  • Find Delta toolbar or related to Delta and uninstall it.
  • If you are not able to find Delta toolbar then just follow the below step to remove from browser.

2)      Uninstall Delta Search Engine From Google Chrome.

  • Open Google Chrome. Now click on Google Chrome Menu on top Right hand side.
  • Now, Click on Setting Button then click on Extension or you can go direct here just click here: chrome://extensions
  • Find Delta Search and Uninstall it.
  • Now you can setup new Homepage in chrome just go to setting and click on Specific page option and enter the website which you want to set homepage and save it. Click here to go to chrome setting direct from here: chrome://settings

3)      Uninstall Delta Search from Mozilla Firefox Browser.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox >> Click on Tool option in menu bar.
  • Click on Add-ons button >> now go to extension tab from left side.
  • Now find Delta search and uninstall it
  • Now you can setup new homepage in Firefox just go to Tool >> Option >> General Tab. Now add URL for you homepage in given box and save it.

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I hope this tutorial will help you to remove Delta browser from your computer browser. If you are having trouble then please enter your valuable comment below. Have a Tricky Day 🙂