How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer, Hard disk, Pen Drive, USB, Memory card?


Is your Computer or USB affected by shortcut virus? Don’t worry I have a simple solution to remove this shortcut virus from your pc, hard disk and USB. Here we will use command prompt to remove this virus from computer easily just follow below steps.

First of all let me tell you what shortcut virus is. Often we use USB pen drive or memory cards in our computer and sometime we see our all file are changed into shortcut files that time is very annoying when we see that type of virus in our computer. Shortcut virus is a virus which is changes your original files into shortcut icon of your folders or file.

Shortcut virus is very annoying virus because some antivirus can’t remove this virus from your computer and USB pen drives. So, there is only one method to remove this virus from computer is command prompt. So let me share the steps to remove shortcut virus from computer and USB pen drive.

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Steps to Remove Shortcut Virus are:

Follow the simple and easy steps to remove virus from computer and USB pen drive.

1)      First go to Start >> then RUN >>  Type CMD

2)      Now Command prompt will be appear on your screen.

3)      Now type this command attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:\*.*

4)      Replace e with your drive letter where you want to remove virus.

5)      Now Press Enter

6)      After that when you got your all files back then copy your all file to other drive or somewhere and format the infect drive then copy again all data to your drive.


Recover you Files using WINRAR

You can recover your all file by using WINRAR. Just Follow the below steps and recover your file easily

1)      First of all open WINRAR.

2)      Now navigate your PC drive or USB Pen drive Location.

3)      Now copy all the files and paste anywhere you want.

4)      Finally Format your Drive or USB pen drive.

5)      Now you can copy all the data again in your drive or USB pen drive

Suggestion: If your Drive or USB Pen drive affected again and again then use Avast Antivirus and “do Boot Time Scan”  to remove this virus completely from your drive.

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If you are still have trouble and you are not able to remove this shortcut virus from your computer, Hard Disk, Pen Drive and memory card then comment below and let me know your problem and I am sure I will help you. For more tips and tricks you can subscribe our blog and like us on Facebook for latest update.