How to save any webpage as PDF page?


Is it possible to save any webpage as a PDF page on your computer? Well there are lots of ways to download website on your computer but it will download all the webpages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images) in your hard disk but if you want to save only a web page on your computer as PDF then you can follow below steps.

Steps to Save Web Page as PDF page on Chrome Browser

Google chrome provides this feature on printing section. You can save any webpage as PDF files from print dialog box. If you are Google chrome users then follow below steps to save a web page as PDF Files.

1)      First of all go to the web page which one you want to save as PDF file.

2)      Press CTRL +P Simultaneously and print dialog box will appear on your screen.

3)      Now change the designation to Save as PDF and click on Save button and save the file in your computer.

4)      You can adjust page margin and other setting for your PDF file from the print dialog box.

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blogstoc web page as PDF

Steps to save web page as PDF on Firefox Browser

Firefox don’t have a feature to save web page as PDF like Google chrome browser but there are many extensions that can save your web page as PDF files on Firebox. Print Page to PDF is one of the most popular Firefox extensions. Once you installed this extension the go to the web page and just Right Click and you can see the option to print page to PDF.

In this extension have more features then Google chrome. This option provides more option as

1)      You can save all opened webpage in single PDF file.

2)      You can save only text from the opened tabs.

3)      You can save images with good quality and more.


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Use Online Tools PDFmyURL to save web page as PDF

You can use PDFmyURL to save any webpage as PDF file. PDFmyURL is a free online Web page to PDF converter tool which allow you to convert your website as PDF file easily. Here just enter the URL of web page (use copy and paste Web page URL) and click on convert to PDF button and your web page will convert into PDF file.

Convert Webpage to PDF files via Email

Web2PDF is a free web service which offer free webpage to PDF conversion services by sending an email to with the URL of your webpage to convert. When the conversion of your website finishes they send the PDF file back on your Email address.

Follow the above method and Convert your webpage into PDF file easily. For more tips and tricks you can follow us on Facebook and subscribe our blog and Likes our Facebook Fan.