How to Schedule or Automatic messages on Whatsapp ?


Whatsapp is one of the best messaging and chatting platform in the market. Today every smartphone users have WhatsApp for messaging and chatting with friends. Here today I gonna show you how to schedule or automatic messages on WhatsApp.

Sometime Schedule messages in WhatsApp is very useful to wish your friend and family birthday or anniversary at late night that time you can set a schedule WhatsApp messages to your friends and you can go to sleep without any tension.

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For Schedule Messages in WhatsApp we will use an android application which name is WhatsAuto Messages WhatsApp. You can’t download it from Google play because this application have been removed from Google play. If you want to download this application then go with the below download link

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Note: To use this android application you require a Rooted android phone.

Schedule or Automatic messages on Whatsapp

Download and install the WhatsAuto Messages WhatsApp application for your android device and send automatic message to your friends. It is very easy to use you need to just set a schedule to send message to your friends or family member, set the Date and time and whom to send then touch Add button.

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I hope this trick will help you and also make your friends happy for wishes at the right time. For more tips and tricks you can follow us or like our Fan page to get in touch and please don’t forget to share this tricks. Have a nice and tricky day enjoy J