How To Down Scraped Content If Ranking Above Your Original Content?


If a scraped content ranking above your original content then you may lose your website traffic and this is not good for you. Well, if you are a webmaster or blogger then you should how to take down any scraped content from Google searches if they are ranking above of your original content.

There are many spam blogger and they are copying others blog because they are lazy to write anything or they don’t know how to blog but the problem comes when the copied content rank above the original content and that time you have to consider how to take down that types of website.

Google webmaster team banned this kind of tactic many year ago but sometime Google bots can’t detect some copied content that time you have to follow our below method when a scrapped content ranking above your original content.

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Original content must rank above any scrapped content in Google but sometime we can see many scrapped website rank well on Google and above the original content but now Google is more concern about this kind of issues and they have launched a Scraper Report form where the webmaster can submit directly about the scrapped content.

How to use Google Scraper Report Form?

You can submit report against scrapped content and can down the scrapped content from search. If you think your content is original and ranking below the scrapped content. Follow below simple steps and take down the scrapped content.

  1. First Go to Google Scraper Report page.
  2. Enter the URL of your website which is scrapped.
  3. Now put what’s the exact URL on the scraper site.
  4. Put your Google search term URL.
  5. Check the Confirm box.
  6. Click on submit button & done.

Google scarper report form

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Google webmaster team will review your form and will take action if the information would be correct. I hope the above information will help you to rank better in Google search terms.

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