How to Setup GoDaddy Domain Name in Blogger


Using blogger for blogging is very good idea for a beginners. If you are a blog lover and love to share experience or knowledge and want to earn online via blogging then blogger is good plate for you to share their thoughts and earn online.

Blogger is good for beginners because it’s free for you and you can set your custom domain here also. So, today I am going to share how to setup custom domain name in Blogger with GoDaddy. It’s quite easy to setup custom domain in Blogger just follow below steps and setup your custom domain in blogger.

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How to setup Custom Domain in Blogger:

It’s quite easy to setup custom domain in blogger just follow below steps

1)      First Open and login your account with Gmail email ID

2)      Now, click on your blog.

3)      Then go to Setting >> Basic >> Blog Address

4)      In blog address click on Add a Custom Domain

5)      Enter your domain name with WWW.

6)      Click Save

7)      You will get some error and two CNAMEs listed below.

8)      Now you have to DNS Setting

Blogger custom Domain Setup

Now Follow Part-II to setup Godaddy Domain Name for blogger:

1)      First Login your Godaddy Account.

2)      Select domain open Setting tab

3)      Then click on DNS Zone File on right side of setting.

4)      Click on Edit button in DNS file zone.

5)      Now click on Quick edit button of A Record then add below IPs here:

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setup blogger IP in Godaddy

6)      After adding above IPs click on Save Zone File.

7)      Now add CNAME Record scroll down and click on quick edit button of cName Records.

8)      Add in Front of WWW like below image.

9)      Now add 2nd record for blogger verification that we get in Blogger in above 1st image

10)   After add above verification detail click Save Zone File.

setup blogger in Godaddy Domain

11)   Now Come back to your blogger and add custom domain again and Click on save button.

12)   Now you can see your blogger live.

13)   If you got some error then close your browser and delete your cookies or history then proceed again otherwise try after 2 or 3 hour.

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If you are still troubling and have any question regarding this topic then don’t forget to ask here. Just comment below. We will help you ASAP. If you want to make Fun with Facebook then use or Facebook Auto Liker tool free.