How to Take Screenshot in Android phone?


Taking screenshot in android phone is quite easy with an android application and manually also. But some users don’t know how to take screenshot in android phone. Today I am going to share how to take a screenshot in android mobile phone. Here I will teach you how to take screenshot manually and using android apps.

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Sometime we need to take a screenshot of mobile phone for any evidence but that you don’t know how to take screenshot then what will you do? Well in Google play store have lots of apps to take screenshot but that time if you don’t have any apps and internet data then how can you take a screenshot manually and it’s very important for you to learn about your devices and what can you do with your android mobile phone. So don’t worry I am here I will teach you how you can take screenshot manually. It’s very easy to take screenshot just follow below steps and take screenshot easily.

Steps to take Screenshot on Android phone manually:

Follow below steps and take screenshot manually in your android:

1)      First go where you would like to take screenshot.

2)      Press and hold power + Volume down button at the same time for 3 to 4 seconds,

3)      Your mobile phone will make a camera shutter sound and show you screenshot preview.

4)      Done! Now you can see the screenshot in your gallery or you can see direct from notification bar.

If the above trick is not working for you then you should try below steps because some android devices have different option to take screenshot.

1)      Press Power + Home button for 3 to 4 seconds until screenshot preview shows on your device screen.

2)      Done! Now you can see your screenshot in your gallery.

Steps to take screenshot on android phone by application:

Google Play has lots of screenshot apps for android devices you can download from Google play and take easily any screenshot and custom screenshots. Here I will share my best application which is Screenshot Ultimate because it’s have many feature like cropping screenshot, shake to screenshot and more. Below some steps to use this application is:

1)      First Download Screenshot Ultimate from Google Play. It’s Free

2)      Install on your android device carefully.

3)      Open Screenshot Ultimate and go to setting option.

4)      Choose the option to take screenshot here.

5)      Here lots of features you can set here.

6)      Now, you are ready to take screenshot and enjoy this app.

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All the above methods I am using on my android phone to take screenshot for any miss happening via phone SMS and chatting and sharing my Game score to my friends. I hope you will like this trick which is very useful for us.

If you have any doubts and confusion then you can ask here on comment section. We will answer and solve your problem ASAP. If you have any more tricks then you can write for our blog and we love to share your tricks on our blog. Have a nice and trick Day 🙂