How to Transform Android Mobile into Windows 8 Phone?


Did you want to change your Android mobile UI (User Interface)? Wan to transform your android mobile into windows 8 phone? Well if you want to do that then you are in the right place to learn how to transform Android mobile into windows 8 phone.

Some android users want to enjoy windows phone but they don’t know how to transform android mobile to windows 8. It’s very easy to transform any android mobile o windows 8 phone with the help of an android application. Just follow my some simple steps below and transform your android easily.

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Steps to Transform Android Mobile into Windows 8

1)      First of Download Launcher 8 Free on your android mobile from Google Play.

2)      Install Launcher 8 in your android device carefully.

3)      Make it default launcher for android devices.

4)      Now, it will look like a Window phone and your transformation done.

If you don’t want to use anymore this application or want to remove transformation then you can simple remove this app from your android device

Steps to remove transformation from android mobile

1)      Go to App Manager

2)      Now Search for Launcher 8

3)      Touch the app and uninstall it.

4)      Transformations have been removed. Done

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I hope the above tutorial will help you to transform your android mobile into window8. Some people liking this app but some people say it’s very hard to use, I they don’t know operating windows 8 phone is not easy. If you are windows 8 lover then you can use this app to transform your android device into window 8 phone.

Finally I want to say this app is very amazing I used before on my android mobile but after a week I uninstall it because I was bored by same theme. You can also enjoy this app and can remove any time from you app manager. Have a nice and tricky day 🙂 Keep enjoying with us