How to unlock an iPhone & Use Any SIM in iPhone 6, iPhone 5 & Old versions?


It’s very annoying when your Iphone is locked & can use it on particular carrier and it’s difficult to use another SIM card. Well you can unlock your IPhone by following below instructions and you can unlock your iPhone 6, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4.

Unlocking iPhone is illegal until your contract end and you can unlock your iPhone with the help of your mobile phone provider. Unlocking iPhone is quite difficult, depending on carrier and phone but some of iPhone are easier to unlock.


First of all you need to fill up an online form to unlock your iPhone then you can proceed below steps.

Virgin Mobile: – Make a call to 780 from your iPhone and if you want to call from other mobile then make a call to 03456000789 to unlock.

TESCO: – TESCO need to complete the contract of 12 months before you unlock the iPhone. You can call to 08000321320 if your contract is already completed and you will get a code to unlock your iPhone.

T-Mobile: – It’s also need to complete the 6 months of contract and may charge some pounds around 20.42. If you are ready then fill up the online form to unlock your iPhone and the process will take 20 days or Make a call to 0845 412 5000 and request a Code.

Vodafone: – Vodafone is also charge around 19.99 pound to unlock the iPhone. Call 08700 77 66 55 or 191 from your iPhone and the process of unlocking will take 10 days.

Once your iPhone unlocked then insert your SIM and perform some important updates to activate.