How to Use Facebook Auto Liker Myliker 2014 Tutorial?


Increase your Facebook Likes with the help of our Facebook auto liker tool which and Using any Facebook Auto Liker is quite simple, just follow my simple steps and gain online Fame on Facebook. Myliker is one of the best Facebook status auto liker and Photo auto liker website here you can increase your Facebook status, photo, comments, video likes easily.

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How to use Myliker Facebook Auto Liker?

As a said before using any Facebook Auto Liker is quite easy just follow below steps:

1)      First of all go to

2)      Now, make your Facebook Public from here Facebook Setting.

3)       Now you need Access token to get login in Myliker. So, click on Get Token button (Green Button).

4)      Now you are token page of Myliker here you can see two red buttons. So, first click on first read button to Allow Facebook Apps and allow Facebook app.

5)      Now come back to token page and Click on Second Red button to get Access Token.

6)      Finally use will get a Access Token on the URL like below, only Bolt characters is your token:

7)      Now can the Access Token only the token (Bold words) and go back to the home page of and paste here and just Click on Submit Button(blue button).

8)      Now you are logged in now here you can choose your auto liker which one you want to use. Just Skip the ads and use our Facebook Auto Liker tool free.

9)      If you found any error like Expired Access Token and invalid then Get the Access Token again and login again.

If you still didn’t understand how to use Auto Liker in Myliker then we have a short video on YouTube just watch the video, learn and start enjoying any Facebook auto liker website.

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