Folders & Files in USB Pen drive Showing Empty solution


Is your USB pen drive showing empty while your important files and folder are in your pen drive? Sometime you can see a pen drive which is fully used but the pen drive shows empty and anytime you may be trouble by this problem if you don’t know how to get all folders from USB pen drive. I have also troubled by this problem before but I solved this problem by below trick. You should follow below tricks to overcome from this problem.

First of all let me tell you that why your USB Pen drive showing empty while there are some data on pen drive. Yes you are thinking right this is a virus and your USB pen drive affected by some virus and because of that virus all the folder and files from pen drive hidden automatically. But don’t worry here is a solution which will help you to remove the virus from your pen drive and after that you can see all files and folders in your pen drive.

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Follow these Steps to overcome from this problem:

Follow below simple and easy steps to overcome from this problem

1)      First all check whether files are not in Hidden Mode.

2)      Click on Start >> in search box >> type “CMD” and press Enter

3)      Now command prompt will be appear on your screen.

4)      Here I am assuming your Pen drive is G: (it may be different H: or other latter)

5)      Enter this command attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* in command prompt. You can copy this command from here and right click on command prompt and paste it. In this command I enter g: because my pen drive letter is G. Don’t forget to replace the letter with your pen drive letter.

6)      Now just press Enter and Done!!

7)      Now refresh your computer and check your files and folders in Pen drive.

8)      Please comment below if you like this trick

empty pen drive command

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I hope this trick will help you to remove this virus from your pen and you are able to see your files and folders again. If you are still having trouble by this problem then please comment below and let me know your problem. So can I help you and find the better solution for you and if you like the tricks please comment below and support us.

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    It really works dude…

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    Dude its working..!